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Marbella TaeKwonDo is associated with the Ultimate Fitness Gym in San Pedro. Our studio is a family space and training is for kids from as young as 4 years old through to adults. We practice all aspects of WTF TaeKwonDo (World TaeKwonDo Federation) and full contact sparring, but with care and respect for our fellow students. This is a non-ego school of self-defense and everyone is equal. For more information have a look around the site and you can find other info and pics on our facebook page at

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TKD Studio - San Pedro
Tuesday, Wendesday and Thursday at 5:30 - 6pm (Wassabi Warriors)

Tuesday, Wendesday and Thursday at 6 - 7pm (Kids)

Tuesday, Wendesday and Thursday at 7 - 8pm (Adults)

Saturday at 10am - Streching and Poomsae

Poomsae and Sparring WTF

(light to medium, “sometimes" hard contact)

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